What If We Replaced Daily Drinks With Water

Replace Daily Drinks With Water
A new study found that drinking a glass of water instead of drinking a glass of beer or soft drinks once a day can reduce your risk of obesity.

What If We Replaced Daily Drinks With Water

The researchers followed nearly 16,000 adults in Spain for about 8 and a half years and none of them had obesity, and during the study 900 people were obese.

The study found that drinking a glass of water instead of drinking a cup of beer reduces the risk of obesity by 20%, and if you drink it instead of soft drinks, the risk decreases to 15%.

For those who replaced beer with water, some had a complete weight loss of 0.7 pounds over 4 years.

The study was unable to find a direct link between cause and effect, but researchers also studied the effect of other factors such as family history, age, and physical activity.

The researchers also found that replacing the rest of the drinks with water had no effect on reducing obesity, and the list included: whole milk and low-fat milk, wine, diet soft drinks, coffee, orange juice, and other juices, as replacing these drinks with water did not have any effect.

The research team was led by Ujue Fresan, from the Institute of Biomedicine in Barcelona.


What Would Happen If the Sun Disappeared One Week?

Sun disappear
If you lived in one of the areas exposed to cold and dark winters, long or short, then the sun’s sight in the sky will become one of the pleasures of your daily life. As for the coming of spring, it will become a matter of joy and celebration, because it means giving up thick, annoying coats, and leaving the office before dark.

What Would Happen If the Sun Disappeared One Week?

In its moderate periods, the sun is friendly to the human body, stimulating it to get out of bed in the morning, strengthening its bones with vitamin D, and avoiding it as seasonal depression.

we will be in a state of fatigue, excessive sleepiness, and psychological problems if the sun disappears for a week, and its absence will have great and immediate effects on the planet and its lifetime.

The most significant change will be the transformation of the planet Earth into a very cold dark place, as you did not know before. The process of succession of night and day will also be affected, because it is caused by the continuous rotation of the earth around the sun, forming the system upon which we adjust our calendar, so we determine the hours of the day as those that The parts of the globe that face the sun during its rotation are permeated, and after that evening hours, as these parts move away from facing the sun during the rotation process if the sun disappears, the day will enter the night at night within 8 and a half minutes, which is the time it takes sunlight to reach a surface Earth.

The temperature of the planet will drop within a week to zero degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to 17.8 degrees Celsius negative, it will be a bitter cold, but not enough to freeze the human race and other life images on the surface of the planet, it will not happen immediately at least! The absence of the sun means stopping the process of photosynthesis, in which the plant converts sunlight into energy that enables it to survive. The death of plants will lose grass-eating animals, the source of their food, which means their death and then the death of carnivores.

It will take a year for the Earth to drop its surface temperature to 100 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, which is equivalent to 73.3 degrees Celsius negative. The ice at this point will be severe enough to eliminate the various species of species with no stable source of energy and heat.

The effects of the absence of the sun for a week will not be confined to the surface of the earth only but will extend to the outer space as well, while the earth spins around its axis, it revolves around the sun, which is 100 times the diameter of the planet, giving it a giant attraction force that forms a center For all planets of the solar system, without this gravity the planets will float in space, making the Earth vulnerable to collision with any other planet, comet or meteorite.
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What If We Replace Moon with Mars?

What If We Replace Moon with Mars?
What if we replace moon with Mars?

There is no doubt that the world will collectively be astonished!
Will this affect the planet?
Of course there will be an actual effect, and one of the most important effects is that of the ebb and flow the moon is responsible for, so replacing a small object with another that is twice its size certainly will upset the delicate balance, and the most likely result is a huge amount of waves flowing, or even the occurrence of a tsunami.
Likewise, the one who inhabits the Earth expects to see Mars more clearly than the moon.
As we know that the planets and the moon do not light up on their own.
Rather, they only reflect what falls directly on them from sunlight.
Therefore, if the moon is replaced by Mars, there is likely to be more visible light at night time.
The matter will become even more terrifying if the red color is added to the night scene.
Now, unlike Jupiter, Mars is not very massive, so it will be vulnerable to colliding with Earth fairly quickly.
However, it will start to pull into our orbit a little, and we will probably hover in each other’s orbits, leading to the formation of a double or binary planet system.
Perhaps no problems will occur in the short term, as is the case with many systems in our galaxy.
Indeed, there may be a double planet in our solar system, where many astronomers believe that the moon of Pluto called “Sharon” should not be considered a moon at all, but rather a companion accompanying the dwarf planet “Pluto”, which makes them a double planet.
Some even suggest that the moon and our planet Earth can be better described as a dual system.
Of course, this close association is likely to lead to serious problems in the long run.
And when that time comes, gravity can begin to cause a vortex that eventually causes both worlds to collide.
On the other hand, there is no danger that will occur at the present time, because the rate of the moon’s receding from the Earth is like the rate of nail growth in humans.
Finally, the Giant Impact Hypothesis tells us that the moon we now know originates from a collision with a planet-sized body the size of Mars.
Based on this information, if the Earth and its new moon “Mars” collide then history will begin to repeat itself again, at least until the sun becomes a red giant and devouring the inner solar system.
The bright side of making Mars a companion to our planet Earth is that it will have a new accessibility that has been obtained.
Imagine that with your own telescope you would be able to observe the massive system of Valles Marineris that runs along the Martian equator, or that Olympus Mons observe the longest mountain in the solar system.

What if there are no cockroaches?

What if there are no cockroaches?
Group of cockroaches

his question appears as one of the advertisements for Paradise – a land without cockroaches. Really, no one likes these nasty infectious bugs, right? They spread bacteria like salmonella and shigella, leave their droppings everywhere they go by, and they can exacerbate allergies and asthma. These are all good reasons to crush cockroaches.
But not so fast, there are a few species – among an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 – that live in homes. These annoying creatures include the German roach called Blattella germanica, the American roach named Periplaneta americana, the brown-packaged roach called Supella longipalpa, and the eastern roach named Blatta orientalis.
Most cockroaches live in a warm tropical climate, preoccupied with their own business – and they are far from humans. Some of these cockroaches are beautiful, others glow in the dark. But if you still insist on playing this game, then you should consider what would happen if all of them disappeared. In short, it is not good.
Cockroaches in tropical forests feed on crumbly wood and leaves. And all those leftovers left behind, which are filled with organic materials and nutrients, including nitrogen, which will be added back to the soil. Nitrogen is essential for the growth of trees, which are an essential part of forests – and in our lives, since we use wood to house ourselves and the animals we love. And speaking of those animals we love, especially small mammals, birds and reptiles: they feed on cockroaches. Since other animals feed on these small mammals and reptiles, the occurrence of such a small defect in the food chain can have a widespread effect on the whole world.
So the next time you try to crush a cockroach before it runs under your fridge, consider that it might help to refuel the local forest while it is not in your home.
They do not face the threat of extinction any time soon. Cockroaches were present even before the dinosaurs. Indeed, cockroach fossils show that they have been around for at least 300 million years. They are truly one of the most powerful creatures – able to withstand radiation in large quantities (much more than humans) and stay without food for up to a month. If you find a roach on the kitchen floor and you crush it, do not worry: you have not judged these insects to extinction yet.

What If You Poured Water On The Sun?

What If You Poured Water On The Sun?
What If You Poured Water On The Sun?

Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, the two elements that fuel the nuclear fusion of the sun.
But more importantly, any additional mass will increase the weight of the sun.
So the process of pumping water into the sun will crush the sun tightly and faster than the fusion process.
Which means it will burn more brightly, and will run out of fuel faster!
As you add water, the sun will enter through strange stages of fusion.
During one of these phases, called helium flash, the reaction rate will be proportional to the exponent 40 of its temperature. 
This is probably the largest exponent you might see in a physical equation, but one way or another the sun will crumble on itself and its outer layers swell. And turn into a black hole.

Now that the sun has turned into a black hole, you will find that whenever water is pumped, it will continue to absorb water and produce X-rays in return, so the resulting black hole will continue to absorb water forever.

Bermuda Triangle: Pit of human faults?

Bermuda Triangle: Pit of human faults?
The Bermuda Triangle is said to be a mysterious extension of the ocean between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Cape Florida, where over the years it has been engulfing a crowd of ignorant, unaware and dangerous ships and aircraft.
Numerous anecdotes have been said about the disappearances: aliens have captured humans for research.
Some geomagnetic storms confused the pilots’ navigation systems.
The lost continent, Atlantis, has pulled ships into its grip with a mysterious and unknown force.
Better yet, powerful whirlpools directly devoured victims and took them to another dimension.
But scientists have pointed out over the years that there are reasonable explanations for the disappearances, and that the risks of traveling through the Bermuda Triangle are no different from any other spots in the ocean.
A new life has been breathed into one such theory (ie, one theory has taken on a new dimension as follows): ships can easily be overcome by giant, unexpected rogue waves.
This hypothesis is not new, but a group of UK scientists have recently discussed evidence of extreme waves and other theories (including the role of human error) in a three-part documentary series, The Bermuda Triangle Mystery, produced by the BBC’s Channel 5.
Bermuda triangle map
Bermuda triangle map

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, extreme waves are steep and high, such as “walls of water,” often striking unexpectedly.
Storms can come from all directions, such as Mexico, the Equator and the Far East of the Atlantic.
If each wave can reach a height of more than 30 feet (10 meters), these waves can occasionally coincide at the right moment and create an extreme wave that can reach 100 feet-30 meters.
Engineers at the University of Southampton in England built some models of the ships, including one of the USS Cyclops, a ship that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1918 with more than 300 people on board.
They simulated extreme waves in a wave basin, and found that ships could actually sink quickly if they were hit.
The larger ship, the harder it is to stay floating.
Small ships can sink because of them, but sometimes they can ride this wave if they hit them. Large ships are designed to be supported in the front against one peak of the waves and in the rear against another peak when they are hit at two points.
Another theory relates to explosive methane bubbles, which, due to some disturbances, may float toward the surface of the water and cause the water to be less dense than the ship, sinking the ship. However, no experiment has so far been able to prove that this is possible
The disappearance of the famous flight 19 group – five US Navy aircraft that disappeared during a 1945 training mission – led a journalist in 1964 to give the area its current name, possibly because the crew strayed and fuel ran out.
About one third of registered and privately owned ocean ships in the United States are in the states and islands of the Bermuda Triangle
According to the latest 2016 Coast Guard figures, 82% of accidents in that area in that year involved people who had not received any formal training or experience of being at sea.
The ocean has always been a mysterious place for humans, and when the weather or navigation is bad, it can be a very deadly place.

What Would Happen If Guns Disappeared From the World?

What would happen if guns disappeared from the world?
Statistics indicate that suicides account for about 60 percent of the 175,700 firearm killings recorded in the United States between 2012 and 2016.

More than 80 percent of suicide attempts using guns end in death because the suicide’s chances of survival are low.

Some argue that the solution is to abolish the right of citizens to bear arms; others favor easing some restrictions on carrying weapons.

But what would happen if the firearms disappeared suddenly and irreversibly from existence? While this idea may seem impossible, it makes us drop politics from the equation and think objectively about the possible implications of the decision to limit firearms in the world.

The immediate consequence of the disappearance of weapons would be simply a decrease in the number of gunshot wounds. Around 500,000 people are killed every year by firearms violence worldwide. The highest number of fatalities from armed violence is in the United States, whose citizens own between 300 and 350 million firearms, and firearm homicides in the United States are about 25 times higher than in other high-income countries combined. .

Prohibition of firearms

Australia has demonstrated that the lower the number of weapons available, the lower the number of deaths from armed violence and suicide. In 1996, a gunman opened fire on visitors to an archaeological site in Port Arthur, Tasmania. The attack killed 35 people and injured 23. It was barely a few days before the government passed new legislation prohibiting the possession of semi-automatic weapons and rifles and bought from citizens the firearms included in the market price and destroyed them all.

The risk of homicide or suicide by firearms in Australia has fallen by more than 50 percent since the introduction of new firearms bans.

Firearms also increase the risk of domestic violence, with a study suggesting that the risk of women being killed by domestic violence is five to eight times higher if a partner has a weapon. Some studies have concluded that the presence of a firearm in the home increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior in men, and this phenomenon is called “the impact of the weapon.”

The higher rates of intentional homicide in the United States compared to developed countries may be attributed to the fact that most incidents of assault in the United States are committed using firearms that increase the risk of death seven times.

If two angry and drunken young men quarrel in the UK, the quarrel will result in bruises in the nose and eye, but in the United States, statistics show that one of these men will probably have a gun, and the other will die.

Firearms may cause more deaths in clashes between police and criminals. Around 1,000 US citizens are killed annually by police, while arrests in Australia and Canada hardly result in any deaths, although police officers carry weapons in all three countries.

Peace is elusive

Wars, conflicts and civil strife will not stop with the disappearance of firearms, but instead of returning to white weapons, from swords, arrows and bayonets, modern nations will use other killing machines, such as explosives, tanks, missiles, chemical and biological weapons.


While poaching of endangered animals will be completely reduced by the disappearance of firearms, controlling the problematic animals, such as rabid raccoons, paranoid elephant herds or poisonous snakes, will become increasingly difficult.

Firearms are indispensable for controlling invasive alien species that invade certain areas and threaten ecosystems, especially on the islands. If firearms disappear, the euthanasia of infected animals will become even more brutal.

Economic importance

Economically, the United States will be the biggest loser from the disappearance of firearms. The Firearms Traders’ Association estimates that the firearms trade contributes about $ 50 billion to the US economy.

The United States may even reap indirect economic gains if firearms disappear. The direct and indirect losses incurred by the United States from incidents of armed violence, including costs related to injuries, fatalities, etc., are estimated at more than $ 200 billion annually.

However, some holders of licensed weapons may be fearful and insecure if deprived of their weapons. Some carry weapons in self-defense. In the case of arms embargoes, potential victims of violence may not be able to protect themselves from stronger and violent attackers.


What if we run the 10-years challenge to the world?

What if we run the 10-years challenge to the world?
At the beginning of 2019, a new challenge emerged, completing a series of challenges that swept the social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the previous year, the last of which was the Birdbox Challenge, but the current challenge has taken on another character. Known as the “10yearschallenge” or “10-Year Challenge”, it is the publication of two photographs of the same person by 10 years to show differences in facial features or physical changes.
Within a few days, the challenge spread like wildfire on social media sites, and many celebrities and artists around the world shared their selfies on the tag, despite warnings from American researcher Kate O’Neill that the main reason for the spread of this challenge could be the training of intelligence algorithms. Artificial algorithms for facial recognition and aging characteristics of technology companies, which may help these algorithms determine the shape of the person in the future; however, these warnings have not been paid attention to the users of social media, and did not hinder the continuation of the challenge to this day; Many of the countries to publish their own photos and share different stories with their friends and acquaintances and differences over ten years, until the hash tag turned into «Trend» Globally.

1-After 10 years .. Do we face the threat of a new global financial crisis?

In 2009, the world woke up to an economic nightmare, exacerbated by the global financial crisis, as the stock market continued to fall, causing panic for investors, completing the crisis that began two years earlier, and consequently lost a lot of workers to their jobs and homes and credit rating, an event Called the “Great Financial Crisis”, it has had a huge impact on the lives of hundreds of millions around the world. Experts pointed out that the cheap credit limit was a major cause of the crisis that led to the collapse of the Wall Street Stock Exchange; it became very easy for individuals to buy houses and cars and other investments, which caused a rebound in the commercial market for some time, but consumers They moved to buy the same commodity over and over again, increasing inflation to the point where the flow of money to banks dried up, economic growth slowed and monetary reserves were unable to make new loans, and it quickly spiraled out of control. 

2-China’s journey from unemployment to the next economic power

In 2009, China was severely affected by the global financial crisis. Economic growth in China, a source of social and political calm in a communist-ruled country, slowed, leading to rising social tensions stemming from a significant increase in unemployment, and by By the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, more than 20 million migrant workers had lost their jobs, in addition to 25% of the approximately 6.1 million new university graduates unable to find work for them.
By the end of this year, 10 years after the crisis, China’s unemployment rate fell to 3.8 at the end of last year, a reference to the stability of the Chinese government in terms of employment; but this was not the only development, according to the forecasts «Bloomberg» News Agency may become China It is currently the world’s first power, especially in terms of economy and military power
The report points out that China is currently the largest economy in the world, exceeding the United States, especially if we look at the value of assets and productivity of the worker and wage compared to the United States; , Which qualifies them to become the next superpowers in the world, especially after Chinese President Xi Jinping explicitly announced his country’s desire to lead the world by 2050.

3 – After 10 years, Swine flu is returning again

In 2009, the swine flu pandemic «H1N1» swept many countries of the world; the virus has witnessed a recent development of its kind to reach human beings, and the greatest fear is that this virus spread between humans as the seasonal flu spread. Mexico was the first country to reach the disease in its new dress, and then swept the United States and from there to many countries of the world to become a global pandemic suffered many of its consequences and the horror that accompanied the whole year. There was no vaccine to protect against swine flu, and it was unclear to what extent the virus responds to available vaccines against influenza, but Dr. Richard Pesser later announced the creation of a vaccine that was genetically identical to the new influenza virus. It will take months to produce enough supplies for mass immunization.

In 2019, swine flu is coming back, as if events are repeating themselves, says Dr Brianna Warshawski, the strain of influenza that killed more than 400 Canadians during the 2009 pandemic has reappeared, but that does not mean panic among people. He did not have enough immunity to cope with the disease, which has differed in the last ten years, especially with those who have kept taking flu vaccines during the past years every season, so they now have immunity capable of repelling this strain of the virus, indicating that the acceleration in Taking the vaccine now will help prevent these The machine from appearing next year.

4- Android has been a revolution in mobile phones

In April 2009, the first official version of the Android mobile phone driver was launched after several trial versions, which was described as a “revolution” in the mobile world. The release follows the immediate success of the iPhone and its iOS operating system.
Smartphones were trying to make their way into the hands of users, and this version was the first operating system to support the presence of a full virtual keyboard on the screen, in addition to auto-correction, support for a fast browser to the Internet, in addition to the feature of video recording and display, dubbed « Android Cupcake »relative to one of the popular candy types.
This year, 10 years after the launch of this marvelous system, smartphones have become an integral part of the daily lives of users, and Android has controlled nearly 85% of the smartphone market, becoming the only competitor of the system «IOS» supported by « Apple » and its products. In the last year, Apple and Android have both enhanced the face and fingerprint feature, and some predictions suggest that we are on the verge of a second revolution in the smartphone world, which will change completely in the near future.

What if time stopped ?

What if time stopped ?
The well-known rules of physics do not assert that the direction of time is always forward. Two scientists from MIT and CIT demonstrated in 2016 that time could go toward the past, using the theory of entropy and assuming several parallel universes. More recently, in July 2019, Russian and American researchers, led by Gordey Lesovik In Moscow University of Physics and Technology, managed to reverse the trend of time into the past on a very small scale using the Quantum computer. But there is no scientific proof, so far, that time can stand. However, there are some opinions that Einstein’s theory of relativity allows time to stop.
In any case, we can use current laws of physics to imagine a reality in which time has stopped;
The French Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday its deep concern over Tehran’s announcement of additional violations of the nuclear deal, demanding Tehran … France: We are very concerned about Iran’s additional violations of the nuclear deal Arabs and the world
Because any kind of motion is a measure of time, it must be that if time stops, every movement in the universe, including particles within atoms and molecules in our bodies, stops accordingly. And then our nervous system will stop working; In this case, we will not realize that time has stopped nor anything else.
But if we assume that everything else has stopped except atoms and molecules within an observer, and its vital functions continue to function, what does it see?
First, he will find himself stuck in his place, and all the people around him are rigid, the wind is stopped, the rivers and running water stop flowing, and the earth has stopped turning.
If time stops, everything will stop, including light, when the observer cannot see anything. Since the air molecules around him do not move, he cannot move either, nor can he breathe. He tries to cry for help before he suffocates. He finds that the sound is absent because it vibrates in the air that has now frozen.
Because the particles inside the atoms and molecules have been stopped by time, which is the source of heat generated by friction, this observer feels that it freezes in the cold.
The condition of this observer will be deplorable; he will become blind and dumb, freezing from cold to death.
Now suppose that this observer was able to reinstall time and control time as he wants, what will he do?
If he can control time, he can have his breakfast in Casablanca, his lunch in Washington, and his dinner in Moscow. With his unlimited information, because he has time to get it, he can clean the world of all pollutants, waste and deadly weapons and return the globe as clean green as it was before the Industrial Revolution.
If time stops, he can live millions of years, and if he has a scientific ambition, he will read all the existing books and become superior to all known scientists in all fields. Perhaps he has come up with knowledge and possibilities that go far beyond science fiction. He will be able to decode and understand the largest mathematical equations that have long formed a lack of complexity to consider them beyond his mental abilities.
Ultimately, the most important conclusion, after this unique experience, is that creativity, talent, and innovation are just devoting enough time, constant effort and passion for what they do, and this is what they can do in the real world, as the great physicist Richard Feynman said, that anyone can Even the average non-specialist, to become a great scientist in any subject if devoted time and effort and attention and focus on it.


What if Google stops working, what will happens?

What if Google stops working, what will happens?
Usually this can’t happen, but if Google stops working, it will look like it’s the end of the world.
However it has already happened in January 2014 and has had a major impact on the Gmail email platform.
On Google’s blog, the authors explained that the malfunction was due to the “overload” of one of dozens of Google data centers in Europe, which had a cascading effect and the problem spread from one data center to another.
This is not the first time; Google has experienced some obstacles in the past.
In August 2013, all services were affected and completely down, including YouTube, Analytics, Drive.
This breakdown, which lasted no more than 5 minutes, from 03:50 pm to 03:55 pm PST, was enough to unleash the anger of millions of users. Global online traffic decreased by 40% and the company lost more than half a million dollars. According to the search engine Danny Sullivan.
What if the pause continues forever?
“In the first few minutes, users will check their internet connection, some will call their service provider, others will try to check for hardware malfunctions, before they make sure it’s much bigger,” said Ashish Kedia.
“When they make sure that what happened is true, the disbelief continues for some time with desperate attempts to reload the page over and over again.”
The next moments of disbelief and stupor will carry a lot of anger, he says. “A lot of users will start taking screenshots of the broken Google page, before millions of Facebook profiles are full.”
“Angry users will be looking for alternative search engines, but how? The majority do not know alternative search engines except Yahoo and Bing, who are not as efficient as Google. ”
This problem will not only affect the search engine; apps using Google will also crash, and within half an hour worldwide productivity will be significantly affected.
“I can’t imagine the scale of the losses for Google and for the companies that depend on them,” he says.
Let us not forget that this company not only serves the Internet, but also millions of mobile phones. “For Android and iPhone users who drive on Google Maps, those will lose their way,” says Kedia.
“But there are exceptions, during this catastrophic failure, life in China will not be affected, and the employees of rival companies will enjoy and sing happily,” he says.
What will happen after the return of the service?
“The company will issue a statement trying to explain what happened and the technical reasons for service outages around the world,” added Kedia.
“Many bloggers will write questions like ‘how do we rely on Google like this?’ Quora will be filled with questions like ‘Why did this happen?’ (Is it true that Google was hacked by hackers?), Etc. Many users will abandon the search engine and look for alternatives. ”
“Sites like BuzzFeed and ScoopWhoop will also publish quality articles (Google has fallen for 30 minutes and we don’t know what’s going on right now) and 10 things you can do when Google falls next time,” he added. In the end they will find this article and realize that this has happened before and could happen again. ”