When Does the Coronavirus Vaccine Become Available?

When does the Coronavirus vaccine become available
When Does the Coronavirus Vaccine Become Available

Work has begun in multiple organizations, including the National Institute of Health, to develop a vaccine for the new strain of the Coronavirus, known to scientists as the 2019-nCoV.

Scientists started their work soon, but their vaccine development strategy will benefit from previous work on similar viruses such as SARS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), and MERS (respiratory Middle East syndrome), as well as advances in vaccine technology, such as acid vaccines Nucleic acid vaccines, are the DNA and RNA that make up the vaccine antigens in our bodies.

Has work started on finding a vaccine specifically for the new strain?

Not yet, but work is underway on viruses that have a strong association with this strain, viruses that have previously caused severe human disease: SARS and MERS.

Scientists did not pay attention to this particular strain previously, as no one knew of its existence and its ability to cause diseases in humans until this outbreak began.

How do scientists know the right time to work on a vaccine for coronavirus?

Historically, work to build vaccines for corona viruses begins when the virus begins infecting humans. Bearing in mind that this is the third major outbreak of new coronavirus in the past two decades, with the severity of the disease caused by these viruses. The investment must be made in developing a vaccine that greatly protects against these viruses.

What does the work include? And when are we supposed to have the vaccine?

The work includes producing the right target antigens, which are the viral proteins that the immune system targets, followed by testing the vaccine on experimental animals to test their effectiveness and safety of use.

Once the vaccine is proven safe and effective, clinical trials can be performed in humans. If the vaccine produces the expected immune and preventive reaction and is found safe, then it can be widely produced to vaccinate as many people as possible.

We do not yet have isolated viruses (or virus samples) to test the effectiveness of the vaccine against. We also lack antibodies that will confirm the vaccine is ready for use. We need the virus to verify that the immune response to the vaccine is working as it should, and we also need to determine which animals we will test the vaccine for, which may include mice and primates.

Can people secure these outbreaks in the future?

It is expected that such outbreaks will occur shortly intermittently.

To try to prevent the spread of outbreaks and large epidemics, we need to improve the health oversight of people and animals around the world, as well as invest in risk assessment mechanisms that allow scientists to assess potential human health threats from recognized viruses.

When does the Coronavirus vaccine become available?

A global movement is necessary to invest in new vaccine manufacturing methods, methods that can be quickly activated when a new virus appears, such as the current Coronavirus, and other viruses such as Zika, Ebola, and influenza.

Our current response to outbreaks is purely a reaction, that is, it begins after the outbreak has occurred, so we need a more effective method supported by ongoing funding.

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